The nature of community-based interventions and the multi-dimensional approach is the basic foundation to the success of the project.

In the pre implementation stage activities are meticulously planned and executed in order to understand the needs of the elderly in the project area, as well as to understand the general community perceptions about the elderly in the households. The activities in the pre implementation stage includes Initial visit of the target location and Identification of households with elderly population; Socio-Health-Economic Profiling of the beneficiaries and Social Mapping of the location. During this stage the team interacts with senior citizen leaders, political and religious leaders to explain the purpose of the visit and the nature of work of HelpAge India. In the process mobilize their support to assist the project team for better penetration within the community. The team also identifies likeminded people and potential community volunteers who facilitate the team in various community level interventions. The major outcome of this phase of the project is the team is able to collect all vital statistics later used in the baseline data and Health MIS software. This activity is extremely crucial to the project staff to take constructive decisions regarding project initiation in the village, and in particular to community-based healthcare activities.

The primary objective of the program is “health and well-being of the elderly” and to promote healthy ageing.

Hence the MHU is designed to provide Primary Healthcare services for the elderly viz.

Free treatment: The doctor physically examines the patients & based on the clinical equipments diagnose patients and prescribe medicines. Wherever required, the patients would be referred to pathological laboratories for detailed investigation or to secondary/tertiary health care service providers for specialist treatment /care

Though the treatment to people below 60 years is not being denied in case of emergencies, it is positively reinforced to the community that our intervention is focused to the senior population. However, as a guideline, HelpAge India also ensures that at least 50% beneficiaries belong to economically weaker sections (EWS) of the society.